The beginnings of TÜV Thüringen go back to Gothaer Dampfkesselüberwachungsverein, the steam boiler inspection association founded in Gotha over 100 years ago. In the course of decades, an enormous stock of experience has been built and a modern service portfolio developed with innovative solutions and the constant improvement of traditional services.

The activities as state Technical Inspection Agency were resumed in the 1950s. German reunification in 1990 marked a new beginning. In April 1990, the TÜV Thüringen e.V. was refounded by representatives of industry in Erfurt and quickly became the officially recognized technical inspection organization in the Free State of Thuringia. Gradually, more fields were added as technical development progressed. Training and further eduction were also becoming more important. The TÜV Akademie Thüringen GmbH has systematically organized seminars and instruction courses for industry, trades and service firms since 1991. Besides, the educational institution in Bad Liebenstein also serves as training and further education institution in healthcare and occupational health and safety matters.

The TÜV CERT certification body for management systems of TÜV Thüringen has awarded certificates supporting national and international companies with the introduction and improvement of management systems since 1993.

As new competencies were added, it was necessary for TÜV Thüringen to overcome country borders and turn international more and more. In the course of this process, new companies were formed in eastern Europe and the Far East. In anticipation of the forthcoming liberalization of the market, TÜV Thüringen has developed continuously and established new business areas and developed a number of market-oriented services.

The business portfolio was further optimized by investments, acquisitions, extensions and joint-venture undertakings in recent years.


TÜV Thüringen will continue to provide future-proof services to customers and members in order to keep abreast with the requirements of the market. New markets will be tapped by national and international commitment to ensure that you remain in good hands also in future.

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