Marks, Seal and Signs

Do you want to demonstrate to your market to your customers how good your products and services are or how well your company is organized? Are you looking for a suitable instrument? Then we recommend you use a quality mark or certification mark from TÜV Thüringen to use it for example on your business documents. 

The use of TÜV Thüringen marks has a demonstrably results of

  • high level Customer Trust
  • high credibility of the advertising message
  • market differentiation
  • more attention of customer

and with that you have an ideal market instrument.

When you use marks and seals of TÜV Thüringen, you benefit from the strong brand “TÜV” worldwide. Arrange an agreement with us in order to use TÜV Thüringen seals and marks to communicate your commitment in printed matter, Internet and in every single writing as well.

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