blueTÜV by TÜV Thüringen

The Future has begun with blueTÜV by TÜV Thüringen

The world is marked by changes. Globalization, climate change and dwindling resources have had unimagined impact on man and nature in recent years. Rethinking is needed more than ever today. Sustainable management and careful use of the finite resources have become one of the biggest challenges of our century.

A challenge, that TÜV Thüringen presents itself in recent years. The future has begun with blueTÜV by TÜV Thüringen. Blue is the color with which we associate clean water and clean air. Two basic resources we need to survive. Unveiled at enertec 2009 in Leipzig emphasizes the company with blueTÜV its expertise in environmentally friendly technologies and services.

blueTÜV by TÜV Thüringen is registered at the Office of Harmonization for the European Internal Market (OHIM). It is aimed at customers who are looking for coherent services and concepts and want to communicate their sustainable offers.


  • testing of Photovoltaic-Modules
  • certification of Photovoltaic –Modules
  • recurring tank testing with acoustic emission
  • check and certification of biogas plants
  • audit of biomass sustainability
  • certification of energy efficiency
  • energy audits and expertise
  • combined of heat and power expertise
  • verification of CO2 - emission documents
  • certification of environmental management systems and waste management companies
  • testing of components of alternative propulsion systems
  • accompanied by the type approval procedure for retrofit kits
  • certification of re-equip facilities
  • education and training

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