lifeTÜV by TÜV Thüringen

Improving the life with lifeTÜV by TÜV Thüringen

Technology makes life easier. Without technology, modern life is unimaginable. But without people does not work the technology. And people are only partly replaced by technology. It is therefore particularly important for us to preserve the life and health of people and promote. The most important goal, which we are committed, is to protect people, nature and the environment against the risks and dangers that may arise from the technology.

Under the brand name lifeTÜV by TÜV Thüringen we meet this challenge. The trademark lifeTÜV by TÜV Thüringen covers topics around occupational safety and health, education and care. So, the content of Health care industry can be easily linked with the portfolio of TÜV Thüringen.

Special education programs of TÜV Academy are communicated with the brand lifeTÜV by TÜV Thüringen. This is an important content of the brand concerned about the protection of life, the preservation of health and the development of personal skills and abilities.


  • education and Training
  • training in health and social professions
  • examination of fitness to drive
  • complex consulting services for clinical and nursing care facilities
  • management consulting
  • advice on occupational safety
  • risk assessment
  • safety engineering plant inspections
  • certification of management systems

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