Certification Body of TÜV Thüringen


The Certification Body for Management Systems and Personnel of TÜV Thüringen e.V. is offering a national and international wide range of services in the field of manament systems and personnel certification as well as customer and industry specific certification systems.

The offers of the certification body based on a variety of national and international accreditations and approvals and TÜV-own standards. The various approvals give us the opportunity to examine several combinations of management systems in the context of a so-called combined certifications together.

The decisive factors are the international tenders, the comparability of certificates on the world market and the associated significance of the certificates for our customers.

To give our customers a compelling marketing tool, together with a certificate, we established our own certification mark „TIC – TÜV International Certification“. This brand is next to our logo essential part of the mark. Contact us to arrange the use of the label and communicate your commitment in print media, on the Internet, with each letter and much more.

Our Accreditations from national and international Organizations

DAkkS national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany

KBA Federal Motor Transport Authority

VDA German Association of the Automotive Industry

PDV Productshap Diervoeder, Netherland

BA Federal Employment Agency

BGW Professional Association for Health and WelfareZLS

ZLS Central Office of the Federal States for Safety Engineering

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