Environment Management

Environment management

Work efficiently and spare the environment? This is not a contradiction! The norm ISO 14001 and regulations for waste disposal companies or Bio sustainability to provide a framework for the management of the company with the goal to improve the environmental performance of the organization continuously

An environment management system certified by the experts of TÜV Thüringen

  • reduces your liability risks and improves the predictability of legal decisions
  • provides you with a marketing tool which effectively raises the awareness of the way in which you live up to your corporate obligations
  • improves the image of your company
  • assists the process of continuous improvement and the modernization of infrastructure and equipment

The environment management system of a company can be certified on the basis of different norms and standards. They can be applied to companies of any size or type, nationally or internationally.

We certify environment management systems

  • DIN EN ISO 14001
    the internationally accepted norm for corporate environment management systems
  • Specialized disposal firm (Efb
    certification according to the Efb regulation assists and documents the professional treatment of waste and compliance with all legal requirement

Revision of DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015

For 15.Sept.2015 the ISO 14001: 2015 into force. The new standard replaces the 2004's version from the adjustments of 2009. The 3-year transitional period for the changeover of management systems will take to ensure that by 15.Sept.2018. The aim of the revision of the ISO 14001 standard was the environmental management system (EMS) to involve the organization in the core strategy of the organization. Therefore, the so-called high-level Structure was used for the standard structure and adapted to the terms used in the other standards.

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