Certification Procedure

Weg zum Zertifikat

Qualified and appointed auditors of TÜV Thüringen audit management systems in your company for application and compliance. The essential point is that all applicable norms and rules are complied with.

Route to the certificate and their maintenance - Certification procedure:

1. Offer

The company tells us the most important features with respect to the management of each system in the customer questionnaire. We create on this basis a tailored offer. The bidding period ends with the award of the contract.

2. Document Checking

We sift through the submitted management system documentation (Management System Manual, if applicable process descriptions, procedures and work instructions) and evaluate them on the basis of the specific standard requirements. Part of the review of the management system documentation can be done locally in during the audit level-1 companies. The audit plan for the Level 1 audit is created and the company sent to the vote.

3. Audit Level-1

The audit Level-1 is carried out on site. The Audit Level-1 has the task of examining the management system documentation to assess the location and site-specific conditions, to lead discussions with the customer to evaluate whether understanding with respect to the requirements of the specific standard exists. the necessary information regarding the scope, processes and locations and associated statutory and regulatory aspects and compliance are collected. Furthermore, it is judged whether the degree of implementation of the management system is that the audit can be carried out level-2. The company will receive a report on the level1 audit including the review of the management system documentation. The audit plan for the audit level-2 is the company submitted to the vote.

4. Audit Level-2

In level-2 audit the effectiveness of the management system in compliance with the specific requirements of the standard and the requirements of the introduced management system based on concrete example processes and procedures will be reviewed in the sampling procedure. Its role in the audit Level 2 is to demonstrate the practical application of their documented procedures. After completion of the audit, the company shall be informed in a final meeting on the audit result. The result of the audit will be documented in a report. Deviations / observations are documented. From companies corrective measures are proposed. A deviation leads either to a re-audit, that a re-spot verification, or to file new documents and evidence. In post-audit only affected by the defect management system processes are audited. The re-audit is based on the effort required. In case of finding corrective measures are also proposed; the implementation of the set correction and corrective action will be reviewed at the latest and evaluated in the next scheduled surveillance audit by the Audit Director.

5. Issue of Certificate

The issue of the certificate takes place with the release of the certification process by the certification body and assumes that deviations have been corrected proven. If the contract on the certification before signing that certificates (possibly multiple languages) are the undertakings by the treaty and the audit report. The validity of the certificate is usually three years, if the surveillance audits are carried out in the company annually.

6. Monitoring Audit

Within the certificate validity surveillance audits are performed annually. In surveillance audit sampling is checked whether the certified management system continues to fulfill the requirements. The first surveillance audit must be performed within 12 months after the last audit day of the certification audit. A shift of the audit date on this target date also lead to the immediate suspension of the certificate. With a certificate suspension likely to use the certificate and certification mark is not permitted. The 2nd surveillance audit is carried out analogously to 24 months after the last audit day of the certification audit. Generally, a withdrawal of the certificate takes place 6 months after target date when the overdue surveillance audit was not performed.

7. Re-certification

Before expiry of the certificate, a re-certification audit for the continuation of the certificate for generally three years must be carried out within the company. The company is promptly informed of the certification body regarding the expiry of the certificate and it is an offer to re-certification by the certification body. Informationen about changes to the management system are beforehand submitted in writing by the company with the supporting documentation. In recertification audit the effectiveness of the overall management system based on sampling is checked. The audit process is carried out in accordance with paragraph 2 et seq. Of this description (usually is an audit level 1 is not required). To ensure a seamless connection certification, the recertification process, including approval by the certification body within the validity period of the current certificate is complete.

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