IT and data security

Business processes of companies nowadays are nearly complete depend on IT. That is why the protection and secure operation is one of the most important tasks in the company. Properties like availability, reliability and security of IT services are values of their quality.

Companies are well advised to integrate their IT services and the supporting IT systems in a systematic management system and to perform IT management assessments on a regular basis. So that the security, reliability and availability of the systems can be improved and the trust of customers and employees in IT and the services offered can be strengthened.

The gigantic espionage scandals of 2013 have showed how important a good security concept and the controlling of it are. To play it safe, one should certify his IT management system through independent and designated experts. Because of the increasing interaction between IT and business processes, the possibility of performing a combined certification with other management systems is given.

Our offers for certification of IT related management systems

  • Information Security Management System according ISO/IEC 27001
    The holistic approach for information security
  • IT-Service Management Systems according ISO/IEC 20000-1
    The holistic approach for IT support companies and organizations

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