Medium-sized IT security

Medium-sized IT security is a specially designed for small and medium enterprises certification procedures. The basis for MITSec is the international standard ISO / IEC 27002. The MITSec certificate you will receive a report on the overall situation of your information security and a detailed presentation of the areas in which you may still need to implement security measures. Information security is considered to be a chain of measures MITSec and interpreted as a regular process. The aim is to identify risks in their business and to minimize suitable.

Difference ISO / IEC 27001 and MITSec

The IT specialists of TÜV Thüringen created tailored to the size of the company system, wherein:

  • adapted the demands on management defined the scope of risk management and reduced the core
  • requirements of ISO 27001 have been described in practice.

On request, an additional network penetration test is carried out, which provides a direct view of existing vulnerabilities.

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