Food an Feedstuff Industry

Food and feedstuffs are highly susceptible and easily perishable products. Handling them requires particular care and compliance with several norms and standards. Companies producing, transporting, processing or trading in food or feedstuffs must ensure that their products remain in good state. The best tool in the industry to show its customers that all rules are adhered to, is the certification.

Benefits of a certified management system in the food and feed industry

Certified management systems offer our customers from the food and feed industry, as well as customers from the supply sector the following advantages:

  • Trust of their clients and the end users through the independent verification that hygiene standards are met
  • Improve competitiveness through increased efficiency and cost reduction
  • Development of new markets through the international recognition and therefore sales increase
  • Worldwide recognized certificate and certification mark, which can be used for marketing purposes
  • the management system makes a significant contribution to risk management in the company by the management system to corporate structures clear processes transparent and traceable processes

Certification Offer for the Food and Feed Industry and for Food Packaging Manufacturers

A sole certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 is for companies in the food / feed chain usually not sufficient, have so that established a number of standards with a clear reference to the product quality. We certify your food safety and quality management system according to various international standards.


The realization of a self-control system according to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) is required by every company in the food industry. Combines an enterprise be HACCP with ISO 9001, it has a fundamental certifiable food quality management system. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points is a method of analysis and evaluation of relevant risks and the control of critical control points in food manufacturers, equipment suppliers, Suppliers as well as hotels and restaurants.

ISO 22000

The standard is the only cross-stage, world designed and certifiable standard for food safety management systems. It includes specific requirements for companies in the whole food and feed chain in a closed management system and can be applied by all organizations in the food chain, from primary producers to producers and for retail.

FSSC 22000

Food Safety System Certification was based on requirements for food safety of the ISO 22000 and ISO / TS 22002-1 (for production processes of food) or ISO / TS 22002-4 (for production of food packaging) concrete and by the GFSI (Global Food Safety initiative) recognized. The management system can be applied in businesses throughout the food chain and is recognized worldwide.

DIN EN 15593:2008

The standard sets out requirements for the hygienic management of packaging for the food industry and its suppliers as well as service providers for storage and transport of food packaging.

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