Management System in Health and Social Facilities

health and social facilities

Discussions about quality in the care and health system in general abound. To bring these discussions to a positive end, we recommend the adoption of a management system specially tailored to the needs of your sector.

The Advantages of a Quality Management System in Health and Social Facilities are:

  • you provide proof of complying with the requirements of relevant laws
  • you optimize and evaluate all processes
  • you develop a reliable documentation of responsibilities and the provision of performance.

The consequence of this are:

  • clear orientation
  • higher satisfaction
  • improved image
  • optimization of the performance in health and social facilities

The certification body of TÜV Thüringen certifies quality management systems in the health and social sector with different focus.

Quality Management Systems in Health and Social Sector

  • DIN EN ISO 9001
    ISO 9001, the global, industry-independent, most often implemented Quality Management System   
  • Thuringian Care Seal 
    a system of quality assurance in care (QiP)

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