Management Systems for Health and Care Service

Quality management systems have been part of everyday life in health and social care facilities for many years. Choosing to build up and certify a QM system can help meet the increasing demands and ensure high-level performance. QM systems thus also form a solid basis for cost-effectiveness, competitiveness and further development of the company in the health and social sector.

Benefits of a certified QM system in Health and Care Service

  • Fulfillment of professional and legal requirements
  • Evaluation and optimization of processes
  • Conclusive documentation of responsibilities and service provision
  • Testing by independent third party experts

and as a result:

  • Documentation of your high quality standards
  • Presentation as a competent and reliable service provider as well as cooperation and contract partner
  • Improvement of your reputation
  • Performance optimization in health and social services
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Certification offer in Health and Social Service


ISO 9001, the global, industry-independent, most often implemented Quality Management System

DIN EN 15224

Industry-specific standard in QM system in Health care systems

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