Seal of Quality - We Put the Seal to Your Success!

seal of Quality

Seals, whether for inspection, approval or quality, are efficient advertisers. Such a seal, first and foremost, underlines and emphasizes your statement concerning a product or service. Secondly, the entire company appears in the positive light of self-imposed control. Mark your products or services with the seals of TÜV Thüringen to enable your customers to improve their orientation in the market.

Benefits of TÜV Thüringen Quality Seal:

  • Higher customer confidence,
  • Higher authenticity of your statement of the manufacturer,
  • Differentiation in the market,
  • Higher customer attention and therefore it is an ideal marketing tool.

The you specify for a product or service quality requirements and -statements be certified by specially developed and coordinated testing and certification procedures.

TÜV Thüringen Standards

  • Service Quality
    Basis for Highest Customer Satisfaction
  • Fundraising
    Proof for Transparent and Controlled Fundraising Process
  • Service and Quality in Hotels
    Confirmation for Compliance with Standards in Hotels
  • Real Estate Service
    Specifically Tailored to the Needs of Industry Quality Management System
  • Seal Property
    Assessment and Classification of Residential and Commercial Real Estate
  • Business Friendly Management
    Confirmation for Compliance of Quality Standards in Municipal Administration

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