Certification of Cableways and Ski tows

Cable cars are mass transportation, which are used daily by thousands of people. To ensure that accidents and technical failures are avoided, cableway, chair lifts and funiculars special safety standards, which are set for powered systems in Europe in the European ropeway Directive 2000/9/EC.

The Directive therefore uniform test methods for safety components and subsystems of cableways are defined. Fulfill safety components and subsystems the directive criteria, they receive the CE marking. Parts CE label can be purchased in all the Member States on the same terms.

Our offer as Notified Body cableways

The TÜV Thüringen is a Notified Body for cableway according to the European cableway Directive 2000/9/EC and is competent to

Certification of safety components in Annex V of the Directive:

  • EC-type examination (Module B)
  • Product verification (module F)
  • Unit verification (Module G)

Conformity assessment of subsystems as defined in Annex VII of the Directive:

  • Cables and cable connections
  • Drives and brakes
  • Mechanical equipment vehicles
  • Electrotechnical devices
  • Rescue equipment

As Testing and Certification cableway expert support and planners with your expertise and latest policy knowledge.

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