Tests on chair and drag lifts and funiculars

Mountains attract. - People want to stand on their peaks, enjoy the captivating views, tranquility, nature and in winter, the downhill on the slopes. Up come most quickly, easily and safely with the help of cable cars and ski lifts. To ensure it stays that way, assume the experts of TÜV Thüringen more than the legally required testing, inspection and certification for operators, manufacturers and planners of cableways. The liabilities are a many years of experience and modern testing methods.

Services of expert body

  • Commissioning tests of cable cars, mountain railways, cable cars and ski lifts
  • Annually recurring inspections of ropeways, funiculars, cable cars and ski lifts
  • Damage investigations

Magneto rope testing

Ropes are subject to particular wear and must be regularly inspected and reliable nondestructive ropeways and surface lifts. In a simple visual inspection of the rope of the test engineer can only find broken wires of the outer wires. The condition of the inner wires of the cable can thus not be determined.

Using the magneto inductive wire rope testing, which apply the experts of TÜV Thüringen, both the outer and the inner state of the wire rope to be investigated. Through powerful permanent magnets that to be examined rope is magnetized. Single wire breaks, splices and nodes can then be detected by measurement and recorded. The use of this non-destructive test method allows a statement about the number of broken wires in the rope and allows the evaluation of the deposition number of wire breaks.

Compared to the conventional rope testing much more accurate information can be given via the rope state in the magnetic induction test. For safe operation of the cable car or the drag lift, the regular magnetic-inspection of the cables is mandatory. The replacement state of the rope can be more accurately determined.

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