Certification of elevators

The safety of facility users is the focus of manufacturers and distributors particularly in elevator systems. They are subject to health and safety requirements of the European Lift Directive (95/16/EC) and the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) in the redesign. The experts of TÜV Thüringen accompany such projects starting from the planning phase to the conformity assessment of your elevators.

As a Notified Body for certification of lifts and their safety components TÜV Thüringen provides:

  • Final inspection and testing of individual elevator installations according to RL 95/16 / EC Annex VI and X
  • Prototype tests of safety switches containing electronic components according to RL 95/16 / EC Annex V, Part A
  • Prototype tests of elevator installations according to Directive 95/16 / EC Annex V, Part B
  • Type approval of bay doors, landing doors, Schachthubtüren according to DIN 18090-18092, for use in fire resistant lift shafts F 90

The document the successful certification is an internationally recognized certificate of TÜV Thüringen, documenting compliance with the standards of your system according to European Lift Directive.

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