Functional safety of products, machines and equipment according to IEC 61508, 62061 and ISO 13849

Hazards caused by malfunctioning electrical (E), electronic (E) and programmable electronic (PE) systems, require special measures to protect people, the environment and property from harmful effects. We speak of "functional safety" when safety depends on the correct functioning of the E / E / PE systems depends. Processes, plant and equipment are subject to the functional safety requirements when they are fitted with electrical or electronic protection and control devices.

Requirements of Functional Safety

The basic requirements to the functional safety is set out in the international standard IEC 61508. The aim is to create products that represent a disproportionate or unreasonable hazards user and the environment. The product from the initial planning stage on the launch and the change procedure through to its decommissioning and disposal is considered. Thereafter, devices, sensors or control systems must obtain a classification in Safety Integrity Levels (SIL 1-4) as regards the reliability of their safety function. SIL defines the required level determined to reduce risks for the specific system.

Our Service for Your

The experts of TÜV Thüringen support with your benefits manufacturers and operators in order to avoid systematic errors in safety-related systems to control random failures or to limit the probability of dangerous failure (risk) in a defined manner.

  • Risk description and assessment according to detailed failure probabilities for the entire safety circuit and the entire life cycle
  • Review of systems and components
  • Testing of protective systems
  • Detection probability of failure of protective systems

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