Testing and evaluation of high pressure gas pipelines

Natural gas and other related fuel gases such as biogas, LPG, produced by water electrolysis hydrogen and synthetically produced methane, especially when it comes to long distances, transported in pipelines under pressure. These pipelines and associated equipment subject because of the hazard potential of the medium specific requirements with regard to design, construction and operation. In Germany (high pressure gas pipeline regulation - GasHDrLtgV) are in the Regulation on high pressure gas pipelines defines all the requirements, including those relating to the assessment and regular testing of the pipeline and the facilities.

Amount of high pressure gas pipelines

In the high pressure gas pipeline regulation is described: "The high-pressure gas lines include all the line operation serving institutions, in particular compressor, relaxation, control and measuring equipment, as well as lines or line systems to optimize the gas procurement and gas performance."

Our assessment and testing services for gas pipelines and gas pipeline systems

Basis of our services is the accreditation as an independent and impartial inspection body for high pressure gas pipelines and corresponding recognition as experts. This allows performing conformity assessment procedures in the preparation and periodic inspections of high pressure gas pipelines. For both we have a long and broad experience. We accompany your projects for gas pipelines with a maximum allowable working pressure of more than 16 bar (high pressure gas pipelines) and those up to 16 bar in terms of:

  • Conformity Assessment with regard to the construction of new high pressure gas pipelines or pipe systems for gas supply including all associated systems (expert opinion according to § 5 para. 1 sentence 2 GasHDrLtgV)
  • Inspections on high pressure gas pipelines
  • Reassessment of conformity for existing high pressure gas pipelines (for example, pressure increase according to DVGW G 458)
  • Periodic inspections of transit containers according to DVGW G 498, even after the acoustic emission method
  • Conformity assessment and periodic inspections in the field of explosion protection and printing technology to Biogasaufbereitungs- and feeding systems

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