Production and Marketing of Pressure Equipment and Fittings

Planning and Construction of Facilities

The design and construction of industrial plants or components for industrial plants put despite modern tools is a major challenge, the difficulty of the problems to be solved increases by.:

  • global supplies
  • increasing complexity of the technologies and procedures
  • variety to be considered national or international legal regulations
  • growing demands on man and material Increasing cost pressure by globalization of markets

Help yourself to the problem solution with the expertise of TÜV Thüringen. The benefits of the TÜV Thüringen is based on the application of modern methods, years of experience, internationally recognized certifications and skills and the self-image as a service provider.

TÜV Thüringen offer for Plant Manufacturer and Constructer

  • Design tests according to international rules and standards
  • Certification of manufacturers by international rules and standards
  • Evaluation and certification of production, manufacturing and testing
  • Production control / quality assurance
  • Acceptance tests Service as a Third Party, Notified Body or on behalf of customers
  • Certification of welder and personnel for non-destructive material testing and related procedures
  • Damage analysis

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