Certification according to Pressure Equipment Directive

Market entry of manufacturers with TÜV Thüringen certificates

Manufacturers wanting to place plants, pressure equipment or valves on the market must demonstrate that their products meet the quality and safety requirements of the respective market. This can be done with a certificate which the manufacturer obtains from TÜV Thüringen as one of the notified or accredited bodies after the successful completion of all required tests and examinations.

TÜV Thüringen offers

TÜV Thüringen as Notified Body (CE 0090) offers a comprehensive service package for the conformity assessment of your pressure equipment. The offers are based on the know-how of our experts and comprise:

  • Design examinations according to European pressure equipment directives 97/23/EC, 2009/105/EC and 2014/68/EU, resp. and according to directive 2009/105/EC;
  • Design review according to ASME B&PVC;
  • Guidance and assistance in certification according to ASME B&PVC, TR TS 032/2013, Chinese regulations (TSG R0004, TSG Z0004)
  • Type tests;
  • Construction and production supervision, monitoring of large projects;
  • Construction and final examinations on the manufacturer’s premises;
  • Examination and certification of jointing personnel and personnel for non-destructive material testing methods;
  • Evaluation, certification and monitoring of quality assurance systems.

European Pressure Equipment Directive

If pressure equipment is to be placed on the market in a country member of the European Union, the manufacturer needs a certificate of conformity issued by a Notified Body according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC).  This applies to the following types of pressure equipment and parts of such equipment:

  • Steam boilers and steam boiler assemblies
  • Pressure vessels or pressure vessel plants (assemblies), including simple pressure vessels according to 2009/105/EC
  • Parts of equipment with a safety function or parts of equipment with an operating function (e.g., interruption, flow regulation)

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