Certification according to the rules of the Eurasian Customs Union TR-TS (GOST)

With the Eurasian Customs Union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan trade barriers were reduced and uniform technical rule Apartments defined in these countries (TR). Before products can be brought to market in the Customs Union, they must demonstrably meet the local applicable safety regulations and standards.

For equipment of steam and pressure technology since 01 February 2014 shall apply the Technical Guidelines of the Customs Union TR TS 032/2013, laying down the requirements for the safety of pressure equipment as regards design and production as well as demands for the EAC marking.

TÜV Thüringen has approved experts, national and language knowledge, and expertise to carry out the necessary tests. The certification will be performed by the Russian expert organization Expert Holding Inc.

Your benefits when applying for the conformity assessment on the TÜV Thüringen

  • We work in a network with the Russian expert organization Expert Holding Inc. in Moscow.
  • We have the most current information on changes in the rules of the Russian market.
  • We have many years of experience both in the Russian certification system as well as in international standards.
  • We speak both your and the Russian language.
  • We are flexible and customer-oriented work. Our goal is to solve your problems.

The way to TR-TS (GOST-R, TR) certificates

For certification and obtaining type approval for products extensive requirements must be met by the manufacturer. Products for which a certificate of conformity is to be obtained, must:

  • have Russian-language documentation and product information,
  • have a machine or container Pass in Russian,
  • will be examined by experts regarding compliance with the standards,
  • be certified by an accredited authority of the Russian agency,
  • present a Russian-language instruction manual.

Offer to support your exports to the Eurasian Customs Union:

  • Advice on the GOST standards and technical guidelines
  • Organizing and conducting seminars on export procedures in the customs union
  • Testing and certification according to TR TS for safety-related systems and components
  • Preliminary tests and check the documentation for products and equipment
  • Preparation of documents and equipment passports in Russian
  • Certificate of conformity and certification in cooperation with Expert Holding

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