Calculation, Testing and Inspection of Temporary Structures

The TÜV Thüringen has made it its mission to actively support the technical development on the side of the manufacturer of temporary buildings and to provide with current concepts for the safety of users or passengers. The rides in addition to the ease of use for all ages makes the compatibility of the attractions, so the feel-good factor, an important role. We want as a partner of the operator that the ride in a managed by us Ride or use of any other temporary structure for the visitor to experience to which he has fond memories and that he would like to repeat.

Our offer for manufacturers and planners of temporary buildings

Based on German laws and regulations as well as national and international standards TÜV Thüringen provides:

  • Consultancy in the design and construction phase
  • Verification of static and dynamic calculations
  • Examination of design documentation
  • Assessment of safety technology in design and function
  • Comparison of the system with the building plans in the sample preparation
  • Preoperative Tests
  • Performing measurements of forces and acceleration

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