Testing and certification of transportable pressure Equipment and UN pressure equipment

The transport of industrial gases in transportable pressure equipment subject to the dangerous goods legislation. In international trade, it must be so-called UN pressure receptacles. In the European Economic Area which applies Directive on transportable pressure accessories 2010/35 / EU, TPED short.

Regulations about the placing, respectively, the periodic inspections and the use of transportable pressure equipment. The conformity assessment procedures are carried out according to ADR / RID for land transport and IMDG Code for maritime transport.

Our testing and certification services for transportable pressure equipment

The basis of our services, the accreditation as a notified body due to the long experience of the experts within the conformity assessment procedures and periodic inspections of transportable pressure equipment.

We accompany your projects concerning:

  • Conformity assessment for placing new transportable pressure equipment in the European Community and on national markets
  • Reassessment of conformity for existing transportable pressure equipment
  • Periodic inspections of transportable pressure equipment Monitoring and auditing of the quality system of the manufacturing company
  • Accompanied by manufacturers of the authorization procedure of UN pressure receptacles
  • First test of UN pressure receptacles
  • Periodic inspection and test of UN pressure receptacles

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