Equipment and Product Testing

Products should be safe to handling for the user. To ensure this, we carry out on behalf of manufacturers, importer distributor and operator’s different safety tests and certify products. In close cooperation between experts and customer TÜV Thüringen tests their products and evaluates according the conformity requirements.

Range of Services at a Glance

  • Testing of their products according to the relevant standards, regulations and guidelines; among other things, in terms of product efficacy, product safety, pollution-free, electromagnetic compatibility
  • Issuing approval marks (e.g. GS-Mark and TÜV tested)
  • Conformity audits in accordance with European Directives
  • Evaluation audit
  • During Development Testing
  • On-Site Testing
  • Production Plant  Audit
  • expertises

After successful completion of testing and certification process we assign marks and labels that you can use for marketing action, on products or their packaging.

Testing and Certification Areas

  • Electrical Safety
    Household appliances, consumer electronics, computer technology, lights and drives (for gates, doors, windows), shutters, awnings, Massage, network, laboratory equipment, etc.
  • General Consumer Products
    All types of furniture, outdoor products, storage facilities, ladders, scaffolding, industrial trucks, lifting equipment
  • Sport, Play and Leisure Facilities
    Toys of all kinds, gymnastics, sports and training equipment, playground equipment, products for infants and young children, playgrounds, ropes courses, climbing walls, water slides

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