Electrical Equipment

The electrical safety plays in the use of electrical and electronic devices as important as the electromagnetic compatibility and energy efficiency.

Safety and efficient equipment

National and international guidelines and standards describe the properties of devices, so that they are safe in handling and use by the consumer. The test engineers test your products for compliance with safety standards and with regard to energy and environmental properties

As a GS Inspection Authority, we support you in the realization of normative and customer requirements in all phases of product design and production process.

In detail, we perform:

  • Complete safety inspection by low voltage, and EMC Directive
  • Creating a final certificate of conformity
  • Informative tests
  • During development testing, including on-site
  • Monitoring production by annual inspection
  • Energy efficiency testing of electrical consumer products according to European regulations
  • Environmental tests in the area of ​​climate, swing and shock, IP protection level check to IP69K
  • Certification mark (GS-mark,  TÜV-tested)

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