Material Testing

Materials testing

In production, during operation and in the event of damage: all materials and the join connections always must comply with certain requirements and be of defined quality. You as a manufacturer of products and systems warrant the use of suitable materials and correct manufacture. On your instruction, we ascertain:

  • if the material and manufacturing comply with the requirements,
  • if the material is subject to aging and if it is what these processes are, as well as
  • in the event of damage, the reasons why the damage occurred.

TÜV Thüringen answers your questions by a study conducted with the appro-priate material testing method. The services are based on a wide range of methods, applied in stationary and mobile testing laboratories as well as qualified and certified personnel (DIN EN ISO 9712, Eur. Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 / EC).

We test workpieces, connections and determine:

  • Properties of the workpieces, e.g. Hardness, strength, ductility material
  • Workpiece defects such as cracks and slag inclusions
  • manufacturing quality
  • Causation, e.g. Examination of a break
  • Causes production problems

Our methods and procedures for materials testing

We carry out trials with the following methods by:

  • Nondestructive Testing:
    You get fast and reliable test statement to nature of the material or equipment with our stationary or mobile laboratory.
  • Mechanical tests:
    You will receive a thorough analysis of the mechanical strength of their specimen.
  • Metallographic examinations:
    You get very precise about the nature of their metallic equipment or parts, regardless of whether the test is performed preventive or in case of damage.
  • Acoustic Emission Testing:
    Get reliable statements about the material properties of pressure vessels without opening them or interrupt operation.
  • Feed Measurements:
    You will receive statements on the condition of the insulation layer of metallic tanks without unearthing them or interrupt the operation.

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