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Every operators and users of play and sports equipment relies on that these are truly safe. However, 100% safety is not possible. Just play and sports are not without danger, because the higher the playgrounds or recreational value of a device or system, the higher the risk of injury from falls or case.

Secure sports, games and recreational equipment are characterized by the following criteria:

  • comply with applicable standards
  • stable construction
  • sufficient free and fall spaces
  • presence of a fall protection, which corresponds to the free height of fall
  • consistent management for inspection and maintenance

Fun-factor with Safety

With all the entire fun factors, it is more important that the user has professional knowledge in using such plants.

To minimize the risk of injury, the requirements of the standards must be complied.

The audit requirements are:

  • Operators and manufacturers of recreational facilities such as large water slides, water playground equipment and water play equipment, ropes courses, artificial climbing walls or rolling sports equipment installations
  • Operators of playgrounds,
  • Manufacturer of playground equipment and
  • Installers of sports halls.

Test contents and services:

  • Safety Initial Inspection
  • Annual Main Inspection
  • Extensive Testing
  • On-Site
  • Plan-Actual Comparison
  • Visual, Feel and Dimensional Checks
  • Velocity and Acceleration Measurements at large Water Slides
  • Detailed Report with Recommendations for Action
  • Issuance of certificates of conformity
  • Issuance the TÜV Thüringen Seal

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