Our Approval secure your market success

Show your consumers the good quality and high reliability of your products by approved certification mark of TÜV Thüringen. Our experts test and certify your equipment and products. With this you accomplish greater customer confidence in your products.

Certification ISO 27001

To build up and certify a Information Security Management System according ISO 27001 is the best answer to improve and control your IT and data security concept.

Plant Certification

As an internationally Accredited Inspection Agancy (AIA), we carry out certifications for manufacturer according to PED, TR-TS, ASME and IBR.

About Us

TÜV Thüringen is an international operating service business for all questions around safety and quality. In the centre of our operations we combine activities like analysing, assessment, consultation, conceive, measurement, testing, qualification and certification. All these methods are consistently aimed to solve the tasks and problems of our customers. About 1,000 people are employed worldwide in the fields of plants and products,  training and certification, including more than 600 in Germany. The main goal of our activity is to protect people, the environment and property from the adverse effects that may be caused by the technology. In addition, we are sure that technical equipment, systems and know-how used optimally and thus the competitiveness of our business partners will be strengthened.

Check Validity of Certificates

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